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Some Questions Answered

Q.     Who are We?
A.    Not quite for profit of non associated group of musicians that was the Brain child of ... what’s my name? Intruding Major Tom the first Space Cadet, Mr Ezooc and Trebor

Q.     Why all the smoke and mirrors the anonymity?
A.    Simple Hollywood and the Music industry wants to milk you for all you are worth and then stack the odds so you end up dead in the gutter. Just an unproven theory or idea.

Q.     Where can we see Slow Men Thinking Preform?
A.    Slow Men thinking does not preform as a group in a live setting, individual members preform in various other bands, projects and as part of different worship teams.

Q.     Why do we use Guitars?
A.    Guitars are a simple and affordable instrument, that can be taken to the beach and played around a camp fire with out the need of power. Electrified can be the coolest noise maker on any sage. Yes A guitar takes time to learn, It is a tactile instrument that feeds back in to the player something only a guitar player knows!

Q.     What's your favourite colour and why colour not color?
A.    Favourite colour all of them and colour not color, we use New Zealand English and Colour is how we spell colour. color is a HTML tag and when typing in HTML you just have to remember ameroco0n spelling.

Q.     Windows or Mac?
A.    Stop using fowl language. A tool is a tool a craftsmen uses the tools at hand to do the best job thay can. We use Free and Open Source software on a Linux computer system since 1998.

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