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08 August 2022 Well On the Road to Recovery

SMT playing a Guitar Update two weeks ago posted about the therapeutic rehab neck reset and setup. Played another Sunday this is after Breaking My Wrist A month and four weeks Later it was less problematic and yes in some ways may have helped my playing as in having unlearned some of the bad habits of the past. Timing was so much better. The hand at the wrist sometimes felt like it wanted to fall of the arm and it's not liking the cold.

Right Hand and wrist in a CAST 26 July 2022 Some days it happens
Out of nowhere we did slip and fall twice and landed on the same arm. 24 hours later in an ACC cynic confirmed Broken on the 22st May 2022, a Saturday at around 2pm. Later on was told to go the hospital to get a better diagnoses and treatment. One cast later and a MRI on the wrist was sent home with a referral at 7pm. So 4 weeks in a cast and another two in a removable cast I was told it should be good to go two weeks after that there was Guitar playing to do.

Maple Neck and Low E strings

Making the whole experience as much as a test as well as rehab. It was decided the black guitar needed a neck reset and setup.

So what is left to do? the answer is relearn how to make the right hand do what I want. It is in way better condition to what I was told to expect. Managed to play Sunday the 27th this month. There is no pain, only music it just was!

So it is back to where I was last month, rehearsing and rearranging an old song that deserved a new leace from the rough as demo that was don oh so many years ago.

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) |Lock-Down 2020 NZ
The world it seems to be put into lock-down, around the end of March. The problem is when you already live your life as "Socially isolated, before it was considered in Vogue..." How do you live with out hubris and not getting all preachy? You do the hard yards any way! A new song comes out of nowhere! 5 4 3 2 1 Lock-Down!

03 December 2019
Finally released the song that has always been on our mind
 Lyrics and Artwork      DISTROKID 

November 2019 each Sunday from 10:00am~11:30am
Electric Guitar, Amplifier and pedel board At a central Browns bay location 1/3 of Slow Men Thinking will be performing with other notable musicians. Free entry all welcome.

26th October 2019
Will personally be at a location for a special lunch at a special place. invite only.

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